Ballet… The great and wonderful art, the perfect unification of thought and movement, soul and body, the dream of the harmony which is so vital for ХХІ century people, the art breathtaking you once and for ever.

CRYSTAL SHOE International Youth Classical Dance Contest is by all reasons considered one of the best and influential youth festivals of the classical dance. Every year it welcomes more and more participants and spectators. It is not just a contest, it is a magnificent festival discovering the magic, unique world of Dance.

CRYSTAL SHOE International Youth Classical Dance Contest was founded in 1995. The forthcoming contest of 2011 will be held for the seventh time.

Svetlana Kolyvanova, the People’s Artist of Ukraine, the Khakov Opera House ballet manager, the Ukrainian ballet scene “etoile”, has been the unchangeable jury chairman from its very beginning.

The juries of the 1st-6th contests were presented by Hiroko Takano, Kioko Takahashi, Tomoko Kobaiasi, the prime dancer of Bolshoy ballet Morihiro Ivato (Japan), the professor of choreography Ou Zhan Pin, famous ballerina Ting Tina Chen (China), the People’s Artist of the USSR Nina Sorokina, the People’s Artist of Russian Federation Galina Shliapina, the People’s Artist of Russia Igor Chernyshov (Russia), Olesia Pantykina-Vasilieva (Bulgaria), the Honoured Artist of Belarus Alexandr Koliadenko (Belarus), the People’s Artist of Moldova Yuri Gorshkov (Moldova), the People’s Artist of Ukraine Anna Dorosh, the People’s Artist of Ukraine Valery Parsegov, the People’s Artist of Ukraine Viktor Litvinov (Ukraine).

Many CRYSTAL SHOE winners became the prime dancers of different theatres in Ukraine and over the world.

We are proud to say that the first “star” of the Bolshoy prime dancer Ivan Vasyliev flashed in Kharkov at CRYSTAL SHOE-2003, where he won the contest Grand Prix. 

For the first time two new nominations were presented – and now they are quite traditional:

- the youngest dancers (10 years old) – the nomination EXPECTATIONS;

- the nomination CLASSICAL DANCE GROUP.

Nowadays we have so few children’s choreographic contests, though their importance is out of question. The contest gives the unique chance to exchange experience and information at the international level, promotes to the children’s training level growth, strengthens the relations between different dancing schools worldwide, discover the most talented children - the future ballet stars.

Each next contest extends its geography. CRYSTAL SHOE-was proud to welcome guests from Japan, Russia, Latvia, Moldova, Belarus, Poland, Egypt, many Ukrainian regions.

The sixth International Youth Classical Dance Contest CRYSTAL SHOE – 2009 presented a brilliant line of new winners:

Hamada Mai (Japan), Oleg Ivenko, Yulia Oleynik (Minsk, Belarus), Sofia Matushenskaya (Chişinaú, Moldova), Yulia Brauer (Riga, Latvia), Alexey Tutunnik, Sergey Kotov, Valery Kravtsov (Kiev, Ukraine) Natalia Ivasenko, Diana Korchevskaya (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine), Yana Shtangey, Polina Yermolayeva (Kharkov, Ukraine).

The seventh CRYSTAL SHOE International Youth Classical Dance Contest will take place in Kharkov from 25th to 29th April 2011. For the first time all participant ages will get the contest program level.

The final winners’ Gala will take place on the International Dance Day 29th April , which will also include the traditional classical project THE YOUTH OF BALLET and a new modern project with the participation of all participants.




The VII International Youthful Classical Dance  Competition  “Crystal Shoe – 2011” will be held from the 25th April till 29th of  April 2011 at  Lysenko Kharkiv State Academic Theatre for Opera and Ballet in the city of Kharkiv.

The purpose of the competition  is the developing of creative relations between choreographic groups and dancers from different regions of Ukraine, the CIS countries and foreign countries, strengthening of professional and creative contacts, which are necessary for the future creation and prosperity of the ballet art.  

The competition gives a unique possibility to its participants and teachers:

·        exchange of professional experience;

·        exposure of the gifted  young ballet dancers with the purpose of the development of their creative potential;

·        improving of professional education of pupils of choreographic schools in Ukraine;

·        contribution to the choreographic development of children and enrichment of domestic relations of Ukrainian educational institutions with leading dancing  schools of the world;

·        widening and renovating of  aesthetic educational forms  of children and young people, development  of classical ballet choreography. 


Famous figures  of choreographic art are invited to be jurors at the VI International Youthful Classical Dance Competition “Crystal Shoe – 2011”. The jury chairman  is the National Artist of Ukraine, the laureate of the International Competition  in Varna, the honorable citizen of Kharkiv Svetlana Kolyvanova





1.                The way of filing in for the participation at the  competition

                                                     Membership list

The competition will be help in two nominations

Nomination I (solo):

The dancers of the classical and modern choreography. Four age groups, boys and girls separately.


Group A (Expectations) –  participants, who are not 11 years old by the 25th of April 2011, grade 1)

Group B (junior) –  participants, who are not 13 years old by the 25th of April 2011, grades 2-3)

Group C (medium) - participants, who are not 16 years old by the 25th of April 2011)

Group D (senior) - participants, who are not 19 years old by the 25th of April 2011)


Nomination II (groups): 

The choreographic companies. Groups of  3 – 12, two age categories:


Group A (junior) – 11 – 14 years old.

Group B (senior) - 14 – 18 years old.


1.2.    One should send the following documents by the 15th of March 2009 for taking part in the competition (it is advisable to send  with a registered letter):

•        application  (an example is attached);

•        photo copy of birth-certificate or corresponding   passport pages;

•        program of  performance in rounds (an example is attached);

•        two black/white or color photos, which are suitable  for polygraphic reproduction, size  9x12, one of them should be full-length,  in a ballet costume.

The date of application is determined  by a  post stamp.

1.3 The direction informs every candidate about the participation in the Competition in a written way.

1.4. The competition  participants, their concertmasters and partners arrive on terms, which are indicated by the Direction in the invitation. Foreign participants draw up passports and visas at the Ukrainian Embassy after confirmation of the Competition participant’s status with the presentation of the official invitation. 


2. Сonduction of the competition


The VII International Youth Competition on Classic Dance “Crystal Shoe – 2011” will be conducted from 25 th April till 29 th of April 2011, Kharkiv, Ukraine on the premises of  Lysenko Kharkiv State Academic Theater for Opera and Ballet.


2.1. The competition will be held in public and will consist of tree parts: selective, half-final and final.

2.2. The order of performances on the competition will be set through the casting of lots according to every age group before the first round and will be kept till the end of the competition.

2.3. Estimation of participants’ performances will be done trough the secret voting according the 12-ball system.

2.4. The final places and prizes distribution will be done on the final meeting of the jury by the results of the 2nd and the 3rd rounds. The decision of the jury is final and can’t be changed.

2.5. The free participation in the final concerts is necessary for all laureates, diplomats and concertmasters. The concert will be held on the occasion of  competition finishing with the program set by the jury and the organization committee.

2.6. The competitors have the right to perform at the competition with their own concertmasters. The participant should cover all travel and accommodation expenses. If the participant does not have such an opportunity the management of the competition will provide him a concertmaster free. The competitors that have the concertmasters are obliged to have all  note materials with them. The competitors have the right to use mini CDs or tapes as accompaniment that are to be given to the management of the competition on the arrival in two copies (the surname of the performer, the name of the performance and  the round should be indicated). The recording should be made on the professional machinery and corrected.

2.7. The participants of the competition should provide phonograms for each performance separately.

2.8. The organization committee has the right to broadcast all the rounds, the final concert and the concert of the winners; It also has the copy rights without paying any fee to the participants of the competition, teachers and concertmasters. The organization committee has the exclusive right to sign agreements with other parties about the realization of mentioned competition materials.

2.9. Video filming, photo shooting or camera filming by other organizations and competitors are possible only with special allowance of the Management of the competition.

2.10. The participants are allowed to give interviews and take photos only with the accredited representatives of the Media.


3. Financial Terms.

3.1. The admission fee is paid by cash while registration of participants on their arrival.

For the participants on the Nomination 1 (solo):

-         from Ukraine - 50 $ USA

-         for the participants from other countries – 70 $ USA

For the participants of the Nomination II (company):

-         From  Ukraine – 30$ USA

-         From other countries – 50$ USA

The participants pay the entrance fee in USA hryvnas according to the Ukrainian National Bank currency rate present for the registration day.

3.2 In case the participant should refuse to take part in the competition the documents and the entrance fee are not returned.

3.3  The money collected from entrance fees is used to arrange and carry out the competition.

3.4 All the travel and accommodation expenses of the contestants, their partners and guests are covered by the contestants and their sponsors.

3.5  The expenses for the accommodation and board of the participants –elected to third round – are covered by the organizational committee.

3.6 Those participants, who arrived and the competition and refused to take part in it, as well as those who were not selected to the second and third rounds (and their partners, accompanists, and attending people) may stay till the end of the competition at their own expense.

3.7 The organizational committee helps to find the accommodation and board for the participants and the guests of the competition, book tickets for the trip back on request.




1) First round (selection). 

1.1                       Nomination I (solo):

Groups A, B, C, D perform one classical variation.

1.2                       Nomination II (groups):

Groups perform one classical choreographic piece.

Before the first round the contestants present a lesson of classical dance.


2) Second round (semi-final) 

       2.1 Nomination I (solo) and Nomination II (groups):

       Groups perform original modern choreographic piece (not longer than 7 minutes).

        2.2 Nomination I (solo):

       Groups C, D perform the second classical variation.


3) Third round (final) 

         3.1 Nomination I (solo):

         Groups A, B perform one classical dance (the first round danced are permitted).

         Groups C, D perform the third classical dance.

         3.2 Nomination II (groups):

          Groups perform one classical choreographic piece, which was not performed at the first round 


4) Additional terms for the Nomination II (groups).

First round – classical choreography performance of  3-7 minutes.

Second round – modern or folklore choreography performance of 5-7 minutes.



The winners of the VIІ International Youthful Competition of Classical Dance “Crystal Shoe – 2011” are awarded with the following prizes:

1.   The winner of Grand Prix is awarded with the Certificate of the Winner of the VI th International Youthful Competition of Classical Dance “Crystal Shoe – 2011” and gets a valuable prize.

2.   The participants of the competition, who won 1st, 2nd and 3rd places are awarded with the Certificate of “Laureate of the VI th International Competition of Classical Dance “Crystal Shoe – 2011” and get valuable prizes.

3.   The contestants competing in the third round will be granted the
status of Laureate of the VII International Youth Classical Dance
Contest “Crystal Shoe–2011” by the jury definition.

4.     All the participants get the diploma of “Participant of the VI th International Competition of Classical Dance “Crystal Shoe – 2011”.

5.     The competition presupposes :

-         rewarding of choreographers and ballet-masters for the best turn on the bases of modern choreography;

-         establishment of special prizes and rewarding of awards by public or other organizations, charity funds, which are favored by the members of the jury.




1)     The jury work in accordance with the Status and have right to:

-         not to give all the purses;

-         to share the purses between the participants;

-         to give special purses.

2)     The children’s jury works at the competition, who award the prize of public sympathy.

3)     The decisions of the jury are not to be reconsidered.




1) Every participant will have the opportunity to take part in the work of master-classes, which will be conducted by the chief choreographers.

2) Before the performance every participant will the time to practice in the ballet hall and on the stage.

3) In the framework of the competition “round tables” will be held so as to discuss the burning issues of choreographic education, the improvement of the preparation of ballet-dancers, artistic development of children at the early stage of learning choreography.

4)     participant fully agrees to the terms and conditions of the competition.

5)     The  companies are evaluated according to the nominations: choreography, art of performance, artistic setting of the turn, melodiousness.


Contest Program Level
for all ages) 

І. Group EXPECTATIONS" (10 years old, grade 1)

-       Two or three part classical dance, created especially for the contest and in the accordance with the this age training requirements.

                        The repertoire of the junior group is available for the performance.

ІІ. Group JUNIOR (11-12 years old, grades 2-3).


-       A.Lyadov "A musical snuffbox"

-       L.Delibes " Pizzicato"

-       P.Tchaikovsky "The Nutcracker" (Pas-de-trois, puppet);

-       "The Sleeping Beauty" (Little Red Riding Hood and Wolf);

-       C. Pugni "The Pharaoh's Daughter" (Ramzea and little negroes), "The Little Humpbacked Horse" (two pearls)

-       L.Minkus "La Bayadère" (Manou)

-       "Don Quixote" (Amour)

-       N.Tcherepnin " Le Pavillon d'Armide" (variation)

-       S.Prokofiev " The Tale of the Stone Flower" (Ognevushka – Fire Spirit)


-       P.Tchaikovsky "Swan Lake" (pas-de-trois variations)

-       L.Minkus "Pajita" (pas-de-trois variations)

-       L.Delibes "Coppelia" (pas-de-deux variations) 

The repertoire of the medium group is welcome.

ІІІ. Group Medium (13-15 years old).


-       P.Tchaikovsky "Swan Lake" (all Fairies from Act 1, Princess Florine, the White Cat)

-       "Swan Lake" (pas-de-trois variations)

-       L.Minkus "Don Quixote" (Kitri, girl friends, Amour)

-       E.Helsted "Flower Festival in Genzano" (variation)

-       P.Hertel " La Fille mal gardée " (Lise’s variation)

-       N.Tcherepnin " Le Pavillon d'Armide" (variation)

-       J.Bayer "The Fairy Doll" (pas-de-trois variation)

-       B.Asafyev "Flames of Paris" (Esmeralda’s variation, tambourine variation)

-       C. Pugni "The Pharaoh's Daughter" (Aspicia variation)

-       Ch.Gounod " Walpurgis Night" (variation)

-       N.Gade "Naples" (variation pas-de-six)

-       L.Delibes "Coppelia" (variations) 


-       P.Tchaikobsky "The Sleeping Beauty" (Bluebird)

-       "Swan Lake" (pas-de-trois variation)

-       A.Adam "Giselle" (pad-de-deux variation)

-       L.Minkus “Pajita" (variations)

-       P.Hertel " La Fille mal gardée " (variation)

-       N. Gade "Classical Variation" (pas-de-deux variation) 

The repertoire of the senior group is welcome.

ІV. Group SENIOR (16-19 years old).

Classical ballet leading part variations:

-       P.Tchaikobsky "The Sleeping Beauty", “Swan Lake”, “The Nutcracker”

-       L.Minkus "La Bayadère", " Don Quixote", "Pajita"

-       A.Adam"Giselle", "Le Corsaire"

-       A.Glazunov "Raymonda"

-       C. Pugni "The Pharaoh's Daughter"

-       R.Drigo "Les Millions d’Arlequin", "Le Talisman"

-       J. Schneitzhoeffer "La Sylphide" 

-       D.Auber "Classical pas-de-deux", "Diana and Acteon"

-       Ch.Gounod "Walpurgis Night", etc. 

This program level has the recommended status.

Nomination GROUPS for all ages: classical ballet repertoire. 


The  sample of application form is attached

The sample of the program is attached


Director of the Competition:

The Honoured  Artist of Ukraine


Tel/fax (057) 340-13-89


The Board of the Competition:

Kharkov Choreographic School 

8 B Yesenina str, Kharkov, 61072, Ukraine

tel:  (057) 340-53-10, 340-91-55, 773-07-34




The  sample of application form



VII МеждународныйЮношеский Конкурс Классического Танца

“Хрустальная Туфелька - 2011”

(25 апреля - 29 апреля 2011 года)

VII International Youthful Classical Dance Competition

“Khrustalnaya Tufelka - 2011” /”Crystal shoe-2011”/

(25 April - 29 April 2011)

В Оргкомитет

VII Международного

юношеского конкурса

классического танца

“Хрустальная туфелька - 2011”



Должна быть прислана Should be received

не позднее 15.03.2011г. by 15.03.2011

Я (I), _______________________________________________________________________________

Ф.И.О. (Surname and Name)

Категория (Category): соло (solois) или ( or ) ансамбль (ensemble)

__________________________________________________ ______________________

Число, месяц, год рождения (Date of birth) Пол(Sex)

________________________________________________ _____________________________

Гражданство (Citizenship) Государство (Name of country)


учебное заведение (Name of school)


_______________________ __________________________________________________

класс (сlass), курс (year of study) Ф.И.О Педагога (Surname and Name of the teacher)


Дом. aдреc, указать почтовый индекс (Address)


__________________________________ _____________________________

тел./факс (tel./fax.) E-mail

Прошу разрешить мне принять участие в конкурсе.

(I would like to take part in the competition.)

Условия конкурса обязуюсь выполнять.

(I will comply with the rules of the competition.)

Подпись ______________ Дата заполнения “_____ ”______________ 20___ .

(Signature) (Date)





The sample of the program





Ф.И.О. (Surname and Name)


число, месяц, год рождения (Date of birth)

Категория (Category): соло (solois) или ( or ) ансамбль (ensemble)

__________________________________________________ _______________________

Ф.И.О. концертмейстера (Surname and Name of you accompanist) или (or) фонограмма (recordings)


Ф.И.О. партнера, не участвующего в конкурсе (Surname and Name of you non-competing partner)


Прошу обеспечить меня концертмейстером (Please provide an accompanist)


І Тур - отборочный (I Round - selective)

Название номера________________________________________________________________

(Title of the performance)



__________________________ ____________________________ _______________________

Хореография Постановка Продолжительность

(Choreography) (The teacher’s surname and name) (Length)


ІI Тур - полуфинал (II Round - semi-final)

Классическая хореография (Classical choreography)

Название номера________________________________________________________________

(Title of the performance)



_________________________ _____________________________ _____________

Хореография Постановка Продолжительность

(Choreography) (The teacher’s surname and name) (Length)

Современная (народно-сценическая) хореография (Modern or folk choreography)

Название номера_________________________________________________________________

(Title of the performance)



__________________________ _______________________________ ________________

Хореография Постановка Продолжительность

(Choreography) (The teacher’s surname and name) (Length)


ІII Тур - финал (III Round - final)

Название номера_______________________________________________________________

(Title of the performance)



________________________ ________________________________ ___________________

Хореография Постановка Продолжительность

(Choreografphy) (The teacher’s surname and name) (Length)